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Sitepane Your One Stop Shop For All Your Needs
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Consumers around the world are shopping online more than ever. The number of customers buying products in traditional retail stores continue to decline. Many consumers now shift their shopping activities to various online platforms. Shop with Sitepane. Make Sitepane your One Stop Shop.

I do educate my customers that if they have ever used their credit card over the phone or by fax, those transactions contain unencrypted data. And any criminal watching can grab their card info if they use a cordless or cellular phone for the transaction. If you shop at grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants, those places do not secure your credit card information. So, what I am saying is that the risk is even less when you shop online over a secure server. Feel free to shop on sitepane.
Online shopping offers convenience and saves you money. The benefits of online shopping are attractive. However, personal security is an issue in people's minds. Online shoppers often ask, am I taking an unreasonable risk when I use my credit card to shop on Sitepane? I always tell them  "NO." The big fear that online shoppers have is that hackers will intercept their credit card and personal information and mess up their good credit with unauthorized shopping.

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